RogueStudio Comics was established in 2015 to create an on demand, independent comic press and seller for our own titles, prints, and other products, as well as allow independent authors to publish their content!

We are currently based in the Pacific Northwest town of Spokane, WA, but our team comprises of individuals from all over the United States!

Come check us out, either through our website here, our social media presence, or by catching up with us at a local convention!



Mariah Almeida
COO, Artist/Writer on Rebel Forces

Mariah Almeida is a creative individual hailing from the Pacific Northwest! When not at work on RSC titles, maintaining the site, or promoting our work on the West Coast, she is hard at work producing video content for RogueStudio TV on Youtube/Twitch, as well as devoting her passion to Penny Arcade as an Enforcer (PAX Represent!). She loves her black kitty and sampling new varieties of sugar-free energy drinks to keep the creativity coming?